18 Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools Online for Marketing – Whatsapp Bulk Message Software

18 Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools Online for Marketing

18 Best Free Bulk WhatsApp SenderWhatsApp being the top-performing messaging app has managed to gather good number of customers around the globe. The messenger application is a highly dependable platform for businesses that consistently use the platform for communicating with customers and clients.

However, WhatsApp doesn’t support advertisements of any kind and it is necessary thus to use the medium ethically and keeping the existing laws in view. – 18 Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools Online for Marketing

Download Free Whatsapp Bulk SMS Software – Free Bulk Whatsapp Sender

Benefits of WhatsApp Bulk Sender Or Whatsapp Bulk Message Software

Take your business to the next level by taking advantage of the benefits offered by bulk message sender application. Social media platforms are the prime medium for communication these days and to stay ahead of the competition, it is important to make use of such tools. Here are the prime benefits of using WhatsApp sender software – Whatsapp Bulk Message Software

  • Customer Engagement Or remarketing

Customer engagement gets enhanced and improved as the application makes it possible to reach a wide base of people.

  • Brand Positioning Increase Sales

You improve your customer base, which means you also improve the position of your brand in the market as now your product is more visible.

  • CRM Management

Managing customer relations for making your brand more customer friendly is important to improving sales.

  • Team Building

Use the paltform for creating a strong team that is engaging, interactive and always coming up with new ideas.

  • Tracking Location

Share the location of your business to let customers/clients reach the destination in a hassle-free manner. The easier it is for the customers to reach you, the better would be the business potential.

  • Analytics

Analytics is critical to understanding whether or not a particular message has been read by a client or customer.

  • Send Catalog / Brochures / Ebooks Or Anything From Whatsapp Bulk SMS Sender Or Whatsapp Bulk SMS Software

Bulk WhatsApp sender software helps send to customers details about promotional events, fliers, activities and brochures with ease.

Using unethical WhatsApp marketing tools such as WhatsApp bulk sender apks can be tricky as they might result in blacklisting your number. However, if you use any of the 18 free and open source WhatsApp bulk sms marketing software, you can reach out to your consumers with the right marketing message.

Let Come To The Topic Or List Of 18 Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools Online for Marketing – Whatsapp Bulk Message Software


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SendPulse – a multichannel marketing automation platform as well as an official Whatsapp business solution provider.  This means that with the help of Whatsaapp chatbot by SendPulse you can automate conversations with your customers from the moment they subscribe to closing the sale. 

SendPulse key features:

  1. Email and SMS campaigns automation
  2. Chatbot builder for Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram 
  3. Free CRM 
  4. Landing page builder
  5. Email Verifier 

What makes SendPulse stand out from other tools for Whatsapp marketing is the fact that it offers WhatsApp business API without any monthly or connection fees – you only pay per message. 


  • a wide variety of channels and tools to connect with your customers
  • official Whatsapp business API 
  • easy to use chatbot builder for WhatsApp, FAcebook and Telegram


  • no phone support for free account users

– Whatso

Free Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software
18 Best Free Bulk Whatsapp Sender Tools Online For Marketing - Whatsapp Bulk Message Software 11

Whatso is a one of the leading names among the free bulk WhatsApp sender software used by 25,000+ users across the world. With the new anti-blocking technology, it is one of the best marketing tools for mid & small businesses to increase user engagement and drive sales.

Features that Whatso provides are:

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Automatic Customisation
  • 24×7 Support
  • Fraud detection
  • Customisable Sender ID
  • Multiple Contact Storage
  • Multimedia Formats

Pricing Plans: Whatso provides a Free Demo Version, which can send 5 WhatsApp messages at a time. The Standard Version costs ₹3,234 per year and provides 10,000 messages/ day and 10,000 contacts import.

Professional Version costs ₹5,214 per year and provides 50,000 messages per day, and 1,00,000 contacts and Enterprise Version for ₹9,834 per year with unlimited messages & contacts import.

Whatso Bulk WhatsApp Sender App: It supports Windows OS and is not available for the app.

18 Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools Online for Marketing – Whatsapp Bulk Message Software


  1. Send fast promotional messages using the software’s bulk message sending feature
  2. Multi language support


Limited features available with the free version.

– WhatSender

Whatsapp Marketing Software

WhatSender is one of the best free WhatsApp marketing software that lets users send bulk messages. These messages can be personal, such as greetings or business-related, or the latest promotional offers. With the help of WhatSender, you can send messages from a computer or a laptop, conveniently.

You can import multiple contacts from CSV, TXT files or just by copy-pasting. This bulk WhatsApp sender also allows you to create multiple variations of any message to be sent across different target groups with any chance of spamming.

Here are some of the features that WhatSender provides:

  1. Customised messages
  2. Import contacts manually or from CSV or TXT file
  3. Send messages to unsaved contacts
  4. Multi-account
  5. Auto-variation
  6. Scheduling messages at specific times and gaps
  7. User friendly web portal
  8. Campaign tracking & reporting
  9. Helps create multiple message variations to avoid spam
  10. Attach images & videos to messages
  11. Number filter for all your contacts

Pricing Plans: WhatSender Free lets you send unlimited trial messages, and the feature of importing of individual contacts.

WhatSender Professional is available for ₹2400 for one year/system along with unlimited messages and importing multiple contacts.

WhatSender Bulk WhatsApp Software:

App not available, it’s compatible with Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit), Windows 8, 7, Vista & XP

18 Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools Online for Marketing – Whatsapp Bulk Message Software


  1. Importing contacts is easy and so is sending bulk messages
  2. Simple to use and no technical knowledge required


Bug fixing can be time consuming

– WappBlaster

Bulk Whatsapp Sender Tool

You can send unlimited messages to your potential and existing customers using WappBlaster WhatsApp marketing software. You can also attach pictures and videos along with captions to your marketing messages to make them more effective. Also, there is no limit to the character text. So, pitch your ideas to the customers without any restriction. Further, this WhatsApp broadcast software provides an advanced anti-blocking algorithm for hassle-free bulk messaging.

Some of the popular features of WappBlaster are:

  1. Bulk SMS Services
  2. Higher transparency & control
  3. Delay control feature
  4. Multi-language support
  5. Spin text module
  6. Customizable Sender ID
  7. Contact import & export
  8. In-built filter
  9. No credit limit on sending messages
  10. You can create and upload customer database
  11. 100% message delivery to all your contacts
  12. Number filter & group verifier
  13. Speed control feature
  14. Auto group posting
  15. Anti-block functionality

Pricing: The price of WappBlaster whatsapp broadcast software starts at ₹2400/license/year.

WappBlaster Bulk WhatsApp Sender App:


  1. Location sending is the best feature
  2. Messages sent using this WhatsApp bulk sender are highly secured


Editing not possible in messages once sent

– Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner WhatsApp marketing software is not just a bulk WhatsApp sender tool but also helps with social media marketing. It comes with a mobile app to ensure that bulk WhatsApp message sending becomes an easy task. It has a user-friendly interface, which allows sending unlimited WhatsApp messages to your target customers. This is a great tool for small businesses to run effective WhatsApp and social media campaigns within their limited budget.

Features of Rapid Planner WhatsApp Bulk Sender:

  1. WhatsApp marketing
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Bulk messages
  4. User-friendly interface
  5. Easy-to-use features

Pricing: You can get the monthly plan of Rapid Planner at just Rs 350 for one device. The pricing varies for Android, Windows & Macbook.

Rapid Planner WhatsApp Bulk Sender App: Contact us for more details.


  1. Best for social media marketing
  2. Anti-spam and filtering of contacts


Requires high speed internet connection

– Allwebmart WhatsApp Broadcast Software

Allwebmart Whatsapp Bulk Sender software is quite popular among small businesses. It’s a cost-effective solution, which is accessible to businesses of all sizes. You can send up to 5000 messages in a day and that too at the speed of 20 messages per minute. Isn’t it exciting! It ensures quick and effective marketing for your business growth.

Allwebmart Bulk WhatsApp Message Features:

  1. No credit limit
  2. You can create & add WhatsApp groups
  3. Send 5000 messages in a day
  4. You can send up to 100 messages in one go to unknown persons
  5. Easy to use
  6. 20 messages per minute

Pricing: The product is available on our website. Contact us for pricing details.

Allwebmart WhatsApp Bulk Sender App: Contact us for more details.


  • Multiple language support
  • Bulk messaging along with campaign management


The application is only web based

  • Enjay World

Enjay Marketing is a free bulk WhatsApp software plus application that offers a wide range of services for companies to make their advertising profitable and efficient. Its free bulk WhatsApp messages sender helps in the augmentation of ROI and communication for businesses.

The bulk WhatsApp sender software provides a simple 4-step process for WhatsApp marketing with the help of a simple Google Sheet template which you can use, as your free bulk WhatsApp sender tool.

Some of its features include:

  1. Google Sheet template
  2. WhatsApp API Integration
  3. Alerts
  4. User activity monitoring
  5. Analytical report
  6. Intelligent IVR
  7. Web click
  8. Personalised marketing
  9. Portable conversion tools

Pricing: Enjay open source whatsapp marketing software provides a free Google Sheet where users can add unlimited contacts and send unlimited messages.

Enjay World Bulk WhatsApp Software: Android and iOS


  1. Beginner friendly as the software is easy to use
  2. A good number of video tutorials available


You can only send text messages

– WAAM-it Sender

Bulk Whatsapp Sender

WAAM-it Sender is another bulk WhatsApp marketing software. Free download option is available for WAAM-it and it enables users to send personalised WhatsApp messages to all the contacts with the help of a spreadsheet. It also supports multimedia objects such as emojis, pictures, videos, files and links.

WAAM-it Sender is compatible with all supported languages by WhatsApp and users can send a maximum of 3000 free messages/ hour across the globe.

Here are some of its WAAM-it Sender features:

  1. Up to 3000 free messages
  2. Bulk invitations for conferences, meetings and events
  3. Contact Management
  4. Scheduling
  5. Multimedia Formats
  6. Analyses and insights dashboard
  7. Fully automated
  8. Customisable sender ID

Pricing: WAAM-it Sender provides free consultation and WAAM-it Basic for a one-time payment of ₹26,202 which provides unlimited WhatsApp messages, and scheduling.

WAAM-it Pro comes at a one-time payment of ₹32,802 which provides unlimited messages, multiple file attachments, photo and video sending, along with all the features of Basic.

WAAM-it Sender Bulk WhatsApp Marketing App: WAAM-it bulk WhatsApp software is web based and not available as an application.


  1. You can set time delays between different messages
  2. Support for multiple file formats


Only web based

  • RapBooster

Is your online business struggling to drive marketing campaigns and maintain customer relationships? You need one of the best open source WhatsApp marketing software online like RapBooster. It provides different WhatsApp marketing tools to kickstart campaigns and boost the results at every stage.

It helps send personalized messages to your customers and add as many sender ID accounts to increase the reach. Along with bulk messages, you can also share unlimited videos, files and photos.

Digital Marketing Features of RapBooster WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Sender

  1. Group message sending
  2. Fetch contact details from WhatsApp list
  3. Manage your auto-reply rules
  4. Instant chat replies
  5. Instant delivery reports
  6. Manage multi channels & multi accounts
  7. Import/export data from .text & Excel files
  8. Easy to download & use
  9. Send multiple attachments in one go
  10. Advanced sending configurations


RapBooster WhatsApp broadcast software is available with two pricing plans:

  1. RapBooster: At ₹ 999 per user per annum
  2. RapBooster Pro: At ₹ 1499 per user per annum

RapBooster App Compatible OS: Windows


  1. You can set time delays between different messages
  2. Support for multiple file formats


Only web-based.

Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tool

Whatsapp bulk sender tool by Wapp Blaster is one of the best free WhatsApp marketing software aimed to cater various organisations such as SMEs, NGOs and educational institutions, to name a few. It supports long texts, along with multimedia formats such as images and videos.

Some of its features include:

  1. Customer Support
  2. Contact Management
  3. Scheduling
  4. Shortcodes
  5. Autoresponders
  6. API
  7. Instant Message Delivery
  8. Reporting
  9. Credit Based Plan
  10. Automated

Pricing: Whatsapp Bulk Sender Tool by WappBlaster provides free demo and its Lite version costs ₹2000 per year which provides sending 3000 messages per day. The Fast version costs ₹4000 per year and provides the option to send 10000-25000 messages every day.

Whatsapp Bulk WhatsApp Marketing: It supports Windows OS and is not available on the app.


  1. Excellent marketing features
  2. Bulk messages can be sent to unlimited number of contacts


Application can be used only on a single system

Viking Whatsapp Tool

Whatsapp Marketing Tools

Viking Whatsapp Tools is one of the free bulk WhatsApp software and application that help business to send bulk documents in popular formats such as .docx, .xls,.png etc. It also enables other messaging formats such as vCards.

Features of Viking WhatsApp Tool:

  1. Personalised inbox
  2. User engagement
  3. Tape handling
  4. DUP key
  5. New problem determination aid
  6. Supervisory command logging
  7. Broadcast message logging.

Pricing Plans: Viking WhatsApp bulk message sender provides free consultation and its starter pack costs ₹6,270 per year, which enables users to send 1000 to 20000 messages hourly.

Viking WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Software: It supports web browser and is not available on the app.

18 Best Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Tools Online for Marketing – Whatsapp Bulk Message Software


  1. Easily send both bulk word and Excel files
  2. Can be easily integrated with third-party apps


Not available as an application, only web support

WhatsApp SMS Myntra

WhatsApp SMS Myntra is one of the leading bulk WhatsApp marketing tools provider. Their WhatsApp bulk marketing software service facilitates the marketer to efficiently promote their trade through WhatsApp. In addition, they also provide state-of-the-art features to make the most out of the software.

Some of WhatsApp SMS Myntra features:

  1. Multi Languages
  2. 24×7 Support
  3. Reporting
  4. Contact Management
  5. Inbox
  6. Multimedia Formats
  7. Campaign Creation
  8. Campaign Scheduling
  9. User Engagement
  10. Campaign Tracking

Pricing Plans: WhatsApp Myntra provides free consultation and a one-time payment of ₹19,800 for unlimited messages.


  1. Market your business using the app’s real time coupons
  2. Multimedia file formats


Only web based


Best Free Whatsapp Marketing Software

AGNITAS is a leading name in the market as a WhatsApp bulk sender software market in India that helps organisations to enhance their e-marketing game with minimum capital spending. It equips users with various bulk WhatsApp sender tools such as multimedia and multiple language support to reach a wider target market range.

Salient features of AGNITAS include:

  1. Multiple Language Support
  2. Multimedia
  3. API
  4. Alerts
  5. Reporting
  6. Contact Management
  7. Customisable Sender ID
  8. Inbox
  9. Campaign Creation, Monitoring and Scheduling

Pricing Plans: AGNITAS bulk WhatsApp sender offers free consultation and price is available on request.AGNITAS WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Software: Supports Mac and Windows OS, but is not available for the app.


  1. HTML mailings are templates based
  2. Also helps with content management


Mobile application unavailable


Whatsapp Marketing Software

WhatsHash is an intuitive and free whatsapp bulk message software that offers businesses a plethora of WhatsApp bulk sender tools to make their brand and products visible. With the help of WhatsHash you can create a customisable broadcast list, to send relevant messages to groups depending on their category. With the help of WhatsHash bulk WhatsApp sender you can also add customised responder templates and manage various CRM operations without emptying your pockets.

WhatsHash comes with features such as:

  1. Reporting
  2. Responder Template
  3. Contact Management
  4. Multimedia
  5. Campaign Creation, Monitoring and Scheduling

Pricing Plans: WhatsHash WhatsApp bulk sender software provides a Basic Plan which is free of charge and provides 10 quick replies & tags and 10 quick replies/day.

Its Professional Plan costs ₹ 989.34 per month and comes with 20 quick replies & tags and 100 quick replies/day.

WhatsHash WhatsApp Bulk Marketing Software: Windows and MacOS


  • WhatsApp based ticketing system
  • Provides the shop function


Icons cannot be customized


Bulk Whatsapp Sender

Q-Sender.Pro is a WhatsApp bulk sender software for sending bulk messages to multiple users in one go in a simple and effective way. This whatsapp bulk message software lets you automatically send multiple variations of a message without error of spam or duplicitous messages. You can also schedule the timing for sending messages and set small delays for sending these. 

Key features of Q-Sender.Pro:

  1. Customised messages
  2. Account switching in Running Campaign
  3. Latest WhatsApp API compatibility
  4. Import contacts manually orfrom file
  5. Multi account option
  6. Spin tax
  7. WhatsApp marketing campaign

Pricing: A yearly subscription of basic version of WhatsApp bulk sender is available for a price of ₹1432 whereas the unlimited reseller version is available for ₹7090.

Q-Sender.Pro WhatsApp Bulk Message Software: Supports Windows OS and is not available on the app.


  1. Import phone numbers to the app directly from contacts
  2. Unlimited keys can be generated for reselling purposes


Doesn’t generate any virtual numbers


WebXion whatsapp bulk message app provides innovative features through its end-to-end management service to cater to the needs of its customer’s business. SMS Open Rate Captured is one of the most interesting features of the app wherein a user can access a list of people who have viewed and read a message.

Key features of WebXion:

  1. Multi-language support
  2. Scheduling
  3. Analytics
  4. Life time record management
  5. Reporting
  6. Contact management

Pricing: For pricing details, please contact us.

WebXion WhatsApp Bulk Message Software: WebXion service does not have any mobile app.


  1. Conversion rates available
  2. Supports lead generation through mass messaging.


Mobile application not available.

Use Indian video conference App

WhatsMarketing Software

WhatsMarketing software and application provides one stop solution for promoting sales and improving brand awareness through bulk messaging solutions. Quick communication is the key for managing and monitoring the success of a venture and this whatsapp broadcast software offers such streamlining processes that cater to your work or business needs.

Key features of WhatsMarketing:

  1. API documentation and API key
  2. Free auto replies
  3. Benefit administration
  4. Personalised sender ID
  5. Self administered platform
  6. Corporate internal chat

Pricing: Feel free to contact us for pricing details.

WhatsMarketing Bulk WhatsApp Sender App: Windows, Android and iPhone.


  1. Live chat and social campaign support
  2. Ensures complete data security


Sometimes the process of sending bulk messages is slow.


Meshink Bulk WhatsApp software provides one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a large client base with targeted messages. It’s one of the most popular whatsapp marketing software among ecommerce and retail companies. Both large and small businesses are using this bulk SMS software for simple yet effective marketing campaigns. You can create location-relevant content so that you can run marketing campaigns with end-to-end planning.

Meshink Whatsapp Marketing Software Features:

  1. Helps create attractive messages
  2. You can create location relevant content
  3. Marketing campaign with end-to-end planning
  4. Provides whitelisted database
  5. SMS scheduling and sequencing
  6. Integration with other apps and websites

Pricing: Meshink WhatsApp broadcast software is available at ₹1400 per user per annum.

Meshink WhatsApp Bulk Sender App: It supports Windows OS and currently there is no app for Meshink.


  1. Possible to monitor all sales and purchases
  2. View all interactions using contact timeline feature


The interface gets slow at times.

Lead Myntra

Lead Myntra software is a WhatsApp sender software for creating groups and sending group messages/videos/content to these groups. You can use content settings to stylize different parts of the content and make it more presentable for the audience. Through the software, it is also possible to keep a track of marketing campaigns as well as create platform generated content.

Key features of Lead Myntra:

  1. View and import contacts
  2. Filter option
  3. Reseller level options
  4. Reporting system
  5. Chat history
  6. Audio messaging
  7. Video chat enabled
  8. Reseller management

Pricing: The WhatsApp bulk message sender is available in five versions, which ranges from two-months start-up version for ₹5,000 to fourteen months and premium version for ₹60,000.

Lead Myntra Bulk WhatsApp Sender App: The software is web based and currently isn’t available in mobile app form.


  1. Develop unique content for the target audience using Lead Myntra
  2. Messaging system for sending messages in real-time


The application is web based..


  1. Is WhatsApp marketing legal in India? 🙄

WhatsApp Marketing in itself is not illegal as marketing coverts of an array of different practices, some legal and some not legal. Some of these practices are deemed unethical while others can be used ethically.

Practices such as spamming and mass or bulk messaging in WhatsApp aren’t allowed, if numbers are not in your contact list and if they are unsolicited. Hence, it is advisable to send messages if you have a subscribers’ list with permission given by each individual.

  1. How to send bulk WhatsApp messages from PC free?💻

If you would like to send greetings to your family and friends or messages to your customers regarding offers, you can use the bulk WhatsApp sender software solutions mentioned above. These solutions not only help you sent messages but also help you manage your list, send automatically modified messages and much more.

Using bulk WhatsApp sender software is really easy and saves the extra effort and time taken to send messages individually

  1. How Free Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software Helps Small Businesses?💰

Businesses require to employ various marketing strategies to reach target audiences through a number of online and OOH media platforms. One of the most efficient online marketing strategies is through a well-equipped WhatsApp Marketing software. Open source and free bulk WhatsApp sender solutions are available in abundance today, making it easy for small businesses to tap into the WhatsApp consumer-base while also ensuring compliance. Due to low to no charges for these bulk WhatsApp sender tools, small businesses who are just beginning their entrepreneurial journey, can increase their visibility.

  1. Can WhatsApp be used for business advertisements and official communication?💈

WhatsApp when put to creative use is not just a great tool for internal communication but also marketing different products. The social media platform becomes all the more useful for the fact that most people today are well accustomed to using this application for communication, both personal and professional.

From advertising existing products to launching new products, WhatsAppsuccessfully caters to the audience that relies on such forums for exchanging knowledge and information. Moreover,if used wisely for connecting with existing customers,WhatsApp is an advantageous platform for promoting your product. These existing customers serve as good links for connecting businesses to newer customers.

  1. How popular is WhatsApp marketing in India?🆒

Currently, India is one of the biggest markets in the WhatsApp world with a total of around two hundred million users depending on the application for communication purposes.

Given the wide user base the application has, it is beyond doubt that WhatsApp has full capacity for expanding businesses. Further, there are good number of active internet users in the country thus giving a further boost to the multiple marketing/promotion activities that could be done using WhatsApp.

The messaging platform has also been regularly updating itself with new, interesting features so that its active users continue relying on WhatsApp for communication purposes. Businesses and companies also keep coming up with interesting ideas to keep the audience engaged. Rewards and coupons are being used to lure customers further in. 

  1. What type of content can be shared through Bulk WhatsApp Sender?🤔

WhatsApp Bulk Sender helps send text messages along with images, videos, sound and pictures. Promoting your business is important as most other organisations too depend on WhatsApp to promote their products. So it is necessary to keep pace with the times and utilize WhatsApp Bulk Sender as a marketing tool.

Easily share promotional plans, business addresses, and information about re-launched products. It is also possible to send business cards, real-time coupons and audio information.

  1. How to use bulk WhatsApp sender?🧐

First, download the bulk WhatsApp sender. Next, click on the Import option to load contacts from txt or csv file. Third, type the text after clicking on the message option. You can also attach files through the file attach option given right under the box meant for typing messages. Lastly, use the send option to send messages to the respective contacts.

Make use of settings option to set delays in sending messages. You can easily check whether or not these messages have been read by checking the column on the extreme left corner of the screen.   

  1. Can I send bulk message through bulk WhatsApp Sender without saving the numbers?🙄

You can create customised messages for WhatsApp marketing. Either import contacts to load them into software or avoid importing them altogether. Both ways you can send messages to different WhatsApp numbers. In other words, it is possible to send messages through bulk WhatsApp sender without saving a number. Open the chat window in WhatApp software or application, type the message and send it.

It is also possible to create multiple accounts within the software to send messages to multiple users from these multiple accounts. Again, this feature can be used for sending messages to even those numbers not loaded into the software by using the chat window for typing the desired message.

WhatsApp Marketing Software Price List

WhatsApp Marketing SoftwareFree DemoPremium Plan
WhatsoYes₹ 1999 per user per annum
WappBlasterYesPrice on Request
WhatSenderYes₹ 2400 per annum
Rapid PlannerYes₹ 350 per user per month for Android app
AllwebmartYesPrice on Request
Enjay WorldYesPrice on Request
WAAM-it Sender Bulk WhatsAppYes₹ 39384
RapBoosterYes₹ 999 per user per annum
WhatsApp Bulk Sender ToolYesPrice on Request
Viking WhatsApp ToolYesPrice on Request
WhatsApp SMS MyntraYesPrice on Request
AGNITASYesPrice on Request
WhatsHashYesPrice on Request
Q-Sender.ProYesPrice on Request
WebXion Bulk SMSYesPrice on Request
WhatsMarketing SoftwareYesPrice on Request
MeshinkYesPrice on Request
Lead MyntraYesPrice on Request

This Software Is Best – WhatStack – Bulk WhatsApp Sender Software

OverviewSend WhatsApp Messages without saving numbers. WA Messages is the best WhatsApp Marketing Software. Software for WhatsApp Web.

Download Directly from here - bit.ly/wamessages-extension

WhatsApp Enhancements - One click emojis, Download and save unsaved contacts, filter non-WhatsApp numbers and more…

FREE Trial for the first 100 messages of all our features below. Install the extension now to connect with your customers on WhatsApp in a better way.

WA Messages features - 

1. Connect with customers without saving numbers by sending them WhatsApp messages easily.
2. Add custom delay time after each message.
3. No software installation needed, just a simple chrome extension.
4. Extremely simple to use. 
5. Use formatting (*BOLD* _italic_ ~strikethrough~ & EMOJI) to communicate better with your customers on WhatsApp.
6. Name customization in message.
8. Send image, audio, video file attachments.
9. Filter WhatsApp numbers.
10. Give contacts an option to unsubscribe.
11. Download unsaved contacts/numbers from groups, broadcast lists and more…
12. Download/export/save all contacts.
13. Send links redirecting people to your website/ shop. Give your customers an option to purchase directly from your shop through WhatsApp.
14. Upload an excel sheet of your customers and send WhatsApp messages to any country.
15. Send Unsubscribe option with every message so that people who don’t want to receive messages from you can safely opt out.
16. Download delivery reports and detailed analytics of all the messages that you’ve sent to your customers on WhatsApp.
17. Active Support - Emails are answered within 24 hours, even on Sundays. You can contact us anytime by using Live Chat Support on the website or you can email us at support@wamessages.com
18. Extremely lightweight and fast: Coded with performance in mind.
Simple, intuitive UI so that you can use our extension right away.
19. Easy access to WhatsApp and all the mainstream messengers via Chrome toolbar.
20. Delight your customers by helping them connect with your business on a platform that they love - WhatsApp.

This Chrome plugin is not endorsed or certified WhatsApp Inc.
This is an unofficial enhancement tool for WhatsApp Web.

This extension is not meant for automated spamming. If you spam people your number might get banned.

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