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Jobs related to the fields of arts, entertainment, sports, and creation and dissemination of ideas and information through various forms of media. Typically includes performing arts, editing, direction and production of plays and movies, print and visual media, set design and graphics, professional sports and related activities, interpreting and translating, operating media and technical equipments among others. You can explore Sub Job Families and linked industry, careers and courses from links below.


Media and communication workers pathway includes those professionals who receive training and perform work related to collective communication or the storing and distribution of information or data. Typically, it includes print and broadcast media, including radio and television, and social media professionals. Also includes other communication workers such as interpreters, translators, court reporters, and simultaneous captioners.


The art and design workers pathway encompasses a wide array of occupations related to the field of art and designing. Art and design workers may includes artists of all kinds including craft and fine arts, art directors, and all types of designers including graphic, interior, commercial, fashion, floral etc. Occupations in the designing category require communicating the client or customerƒ??s message or vision creatively and may require the knowledge and use of technical skills. A number of professionals in this pathway may chose to freelance, and have more creative freedom and the ability to pick and choose their projects.


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