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Feast your eyes on these inspiring examples of restaurant website design. And once you have gorged yourself on the bounty of succulent screenshots, dig in for a second helping of digital goodness as we share with you a tasting menu of the latest trends and best practices in restaurant websites with our ‘Ultimate Guide’. So let’s dig in!


As we all know, one vital requirement of having a successful website is creating a positive user experience while maintaining the eye-candy end goal. Restaurants achieve this by utilizing top-notch photography and design to entice users to visit and give their menu a try. Another method in addition to world-class photography is videography; the bustling seating area, the food piping and bubbling in the oven, or the perfectly-decorated ambiance. Psychology of colors can be tapped into as well considering colors such as red and yellow are known to be appetite stimulants. In terms of information architecture, navigation and content prioritization, users need to have quick and easy access to making reservations, menus, hours and directions. We hope you enjoy perusing through our decadent and creative restaurant websites compilation.

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